Bluestone Junction
Mike St Clair-MillerMike St. Clair-Miller plays the double-bass that drives Bluestone Junction. Mike also sings the tenor harmonies and contributes to much of the songwriting and arranging.

Mike has played with some of the country’s best roots music bands, including The Starliners and Benny & the Fly-by-Niters.  He has performed all over Australia, in 2000 played throughout the South-Western United States with the Starliners and in 2003 toured Europe for 4 weeks with Benny & the Fly-by-Niters.

Mike plays a 1940s Hofner double bass, and currently uses Eurosonic strings and an Underwood pick-up with an Acoustic Image Contra amplifier and Euphonic Audio M-Line speaker when the situation demands it.