Bluestone Junction
Adam Gare Adam Gare has recently returned from WA, where he was playing with the Sensitive New Age Cowpersons. His playing and recording credits also include Uncle Bill, Paul Kelly, Renee Geyer, Tim Rogers and the MTC. He plays fiddle and mandolin, as well has having one of the sweetest high tenors we have ever heard.
Pete Fidler Pete Fidler is one of Australia's finest dobrologist, and has recently released his first solo Cd, Slide Night. He provides the dobro sounds for the Somervilles, Sunshine Harvester and Nick Charles. A bit of a dark horse, he has recently surfaced as a great mandolin player too!
Lachlan Davidson Lachlan Davidson, one half of the renowned Davidson Brothers, played mandolin on our Cd Lonesome Traveller. Lachlan has won too many awards and headlined too many festivals to mention here. We are just happy when he is in town.
Hamish Davidson Hamish is the other half of the Davidson Brothers (presented here in reverse alphabetical order). Hamish plays fiddle when guesting with Bluestone Junction, but is just as dazzling on the five string banjo, and rumour has it plays a mean 'stride' piano. Hamish also invented the 'Bushkie', a simple yet surprisingly effective way of keeping a slab cold while standing round a camp fire telling his famous politically correct jokes.
Gerry Hale Gerry Hale is a musical genius, playing fiddle, mandolin, banjo, dobro, guitar, bass, ukelele - if it has strings, Gerry can make it sing. He also sings himself. He has played with Colin Hay, Broderick Smith, Zydeco Jump, Cyndi Boste, Steve Boyd, Paul Norton & Wendy Stapleton, Anne Kirkpatrick, Vika & Linda Bull, Paul Kelly, Deborah Conway, and of course with his bands Uncle Bill and the Innocent Bystanders.